CURRICULUM VITAE (complete) (short version)

  • Born Ramat-Gan, Israel.
  • Graduated in History of Art from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Professional qualification: teacher of arts and crafts
  • In recent years has specialized in artistic printing
  • Aquired skills in the Heiter technique, at the Print Workshop in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Worked in applied graphics, ceramics, jewelry and enamelwork
  • Member of the: Israeli Artists Association, several international Art Associations, among them:
  • P.M.C. (Printmakers Council) England
  • "International Art Collective I.A.C "Barcelona, Spain
  • Art Addiction International Art Association ( AAIAA), Sweden
  • Works in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

    Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • Bet Emanuel, Ramat-Gan Museum, Ramat-Gan, Israel
  • 1992
  • Ephrat Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1993
  • Museum Schloss Moritzburg, Zeitz, Germany (2 individual artists exhibition)
  • 1994
  • Galerie Sued, Westphalsches Hous, Leipzig, Germany
  • HaTikvah Gallery, Dresden, Germany
  • Museum Bad-Orb, Germany (2 individual artists exhibition)
  • Bet Gabriel Gallery, Kinneret, Israel
  • 1995
  • Machanayim Gallery, Kibbutz Machanayim, Israel
  • 1996
  • Nora Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Jerusalem Theatre, Jerusalem, Israel
  • The Academy of Music, Dance and Art Therapies -Valley of Jezreel Israel
  • Galerie Sued, Leipzig, Gen--nany
  • Galerie am Delitzscher, Leipzig, Germany
  • 1997
  • Gallery Yad Lebanim, Raanana, Israel
  • 1998
  • Gallery Linka, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Mizpe Hayamim Gallery, Rosh-Pina, Israel
  • 1999
  • Akashi Municipal Museum, "Special guest from Israel",
    French/Japanese Cont. Art Ex. Akashi, Japan
  • "Yefet 28" Gallery, Jaffa, Israel
  • Enfant Gallery, Tokyo, Lapan
  • Galerie Sued, Leipzig, Germany
  • Bet Gabriel Gallery, at Kinneret, Jordan Valley, Israel
  • 2000
  • Gallery Zero, Barcelona Spain
  • 2001
  • Galerie Sued, Leipzig, Germany (3 artists)
  • 2002
  • Museum Schloss Moritzbrg, Zeitz, Germany
  • Horace Richter Gallery,Jaffa, Istael
  • 2003
  • Gallery Sud at the "Galerie der Fachhochschule der Deutschen Telekom,Leipzig,Germany
  • Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Art Forms, 20th-Century Contemporary American Art, Red Bank, New Jersey, USA
  • 1992
  • ZOA House, Tel-Aviv, Israel (3 Artists)
  • Galerie Sued, Leipzig, Germany
  • Galerie Lehmans, Chemnitz, Germany
  • Kulturzentrum Minoriten, Graz, Austria
  • 1993
  • Niels Stensen Haus, Bremen, Germany (4 individual artists exhibition)
  • Galerie Sued, Leipzig, Germany
  • Rathaus Ingelheim, Germany
  • Judische Gemeinde, Darmstadt, Germany
  • 1994
  • The Second Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Stockholm, Sweden
  • The Int. Biennale of Graphic Art in Metal Techniques, Mikolaj Pruzio, Poland
  • The International Biennale of Women's Art, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1995
  • Durham Art Gallery, "30 Years of the PMC Exhibition", England
  • Hereford City Art Gallery "Artists Prints and Books Exhibition", Hereford, England
  • Humour and Satire, District Museum, Legniza, Poland
  • Theatre Arts Center, Opera House, Tel-Aviv, Israel - "Masks", Ex. and Auction
  • Salon de Graphique, Bury St. Edmonds, England
  • Limited Edition Prints Art Gallery, Stockport, England
  • National Open Print Exhibition, Whiteleys Art Gallery, London, England
  • "Limited Edition", Graphic Art, 60 Years to Discount Bank, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1996
  • Eretz Israel Museum, "Artists - Messengers of Peace", Works of art on First-day
    covers issued upon the signature of the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
    The collection has been on ex. At Museums and galleries both in Israel & U.S.A
  • The third British Int. Miniature Print Ex., The City Gallery, Leicester, England
  • Satyrycon '96 - Museum of Legnica, Poland
  • Mini Print International - Cadaques, Spain
  • Adogi Taller Gallery Fort, 16th Mini Print Int. Cadaques, Barcelona, Spain
  • Weymouth Museum, Artists' prints, Weymouth, Dorset, England
  • The Heffer Gallery, Cambridge, England
  • Musee Adzak, Cross- Channel Prints, Paris, France
  • Letchworth Museum, Prints '96, Letchworth North Hertfordshire, England
  • Scarborough Art Gallery, "The Printmakers Eye", Scarborough N.Yorks, England
  • 1997
  • Gallery Linka, Mini Prints, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Galerie Sued, Leipzig, Germany (3 artists exhibition)
  • Richford Gallery, Norfolk England
  • The first Mini Print Biennial, Cluj, Romania
  • Palazo Dukalle, "Mini Artura" Govayo, Italy
  • Gallery Ogilvy & estill, Conwy, Wales
  • Ocean Village, Southampton, England
  • "Art Voyage 2" Fremantle, Australia
  • Mini Print Biennial, National Museum, Clug, Romania
  • "Odisei", Makedonska, Yugoslavia
  • Whiteley's Gallery, Open print competition and ex., London, England
  • Woodlands Art Gallery, London, England
  • 1998
  • Palazzo Correr, Venice, Italy
  • The 1998 Int. Miniature Art ex., The Bible House Museum Tel-Aviv Israel
  • G.O. Gallery, (A preliminary ex. to the Kobe ex.) Haifa, Israel
  • Artists of Japan host Israel Artists at Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe, Japan
  • The Knesset, (Israeli parliament), "Woman's int. Day", Jerusalem, Israel
  • Tama Art University, Mini Print Triennial, Tokyo, Japan
  • Suitopia Museum,"300 Japanese artworks + 30 foreigners" Ohgaki city, Japan
  • Woodland Gallery, London, England
  • Ohgaki city, Sultopia Museum, Japan (300 Japanese artworks + 30 foreigners).
  • King Street Gallery, Carson City, Nevada, U.S.A
  • Central Art Gallery Yalan Kelang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Gallery Zero, "50 years to Israel", Barcelona, Spain
  • Image Factory Art Gallery, Belize city, Central America
  • Gallery Suegaarden, Assens, Miniature V, Denmark
  • "Barcelona - Hadera," Studio Aman, Hadera, Israel
  • 1999
  • Gallery Enfant, "European Contemporary Artists", Tokyo, Japan
  • Yan-Huan National Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China
  • Garman International Exhibition of Graphic Art, Germany
  • The spring Annual in Venice, Italy
  • The international Mini Print Biennial, Cluj-1999, Romania
  • "Kyoto 99" international exhibition, Kyoto fine arts Museum, Japan
  • "Israeli Artists Face The Millennium", Montserrat Gallery, N.Y.N.Y. U.S.A.
  • "International Selected Artists", Kobe, Japan
  • "This Land Of Ours", Tzavta Tel-Aviv.
  • "A moment before" I.A.C. artists in Israel, Painters & Sculptures Association, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 3rd Malaysia Annual Exhibition of int. contemporary prints Central Academy of Art
    Jalan Kelang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2000
  • "A moment before" I.A.C. artists in Israel, Painters & Sculptures Association, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • "Millstones for Peace", The International Artists' Museum (A touring exhibition).
  • "Greetings of Peace", The Peace Gallery, Givat - Haviva, Israel
  • International Art Exhibition in Awaji, "Florart 2000", Japan
  • Nineteenth Annual Miniature, Colorado, USA.
  • Adogi Taller Gallery Fort, 20th Mini Print Int. Cadaques, Barcelona, Spain
  • "The Contemporary Print Show 2000", Concourse Gallery, Barbican Center,
    London, England
  • The 1st Cheju International Print Art Festival, Seoul, Korea
  • 3th Int. Biennial, small Graphic Forms, Gallery "Zyhdi", Poland
  • 6th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Gorni Milanova, Jugoslavija
  • Works on paper, Bratislava 2000, Slovakia
  • "The world Festival of Art on paper", Slovenija
  • Third Int. Bible miniature art ex. Bet Gabriel, Kinneret, Israel
  • "Duchamp Traveling Exhibition", New York, Poland, Germany, Israel
  • "Jafa Art Biennial", Jafa, Israel
  • "The Eye" Int. Mail Art exhibition, Romania
  • Societe Des Artiste Independants, 111e exposition, Grand Palai, Paris, France
  • 6 Artist's exhibition, Galerie d'Art, Nice, France,(open for 3 months)
  • "Nankin 2000", International Art Expo, Nankin Museum of Fine Arts, China
  • Tokyo Museum, Int. Exhibition, Japan
  • 2001
  • Internet World Graphics 2000, Art Addiction In. Art Museum, Sweden
  • "Graphic Annual 2001", Stockholm, Sweden
  • "3rd Autumn Annual in Venice", Correr Pocket Gallery, Venice, Italy
  • "Duchamp Traveling Exhibition", Istanbul Biennial, Venice Biennale
  • Municipal Fine Arts Museum, Kurashiki, Japan
  • "Satirykon 2001", Int. Exhibition, center of culture, Legnica, Poland
  • Galleri Suegaarden, a group of 8 Israelis Assens, Denmark
  • "Zero Kai New Art Association", Int. Exhibition Osaka Municipal Fine Arts Museum, Japan
  • "3rd Mini Graphic and Painting World Wide", Accademia D'Arte di Piza, Italy
  • "Artex Paris 2001", Galerie Elyette Peyer & Galeri Elyette Visconti, Paris, France
  • "La 14eme Artex Tokyou 2001", Int. Forum, Tokyo, Japan
  • "Seiko" Int. Exhibition, Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Japan,
  • 2002
  • Europ'Art, the European Contemporary Art Fair, Paris, France
  • Int. Exhibition, Fine Arts Municipal Museum, Nagoya, Japan
  • "Eloge Du Petit Format" "Who's Who in Int' Art, Centre culturel Peugeot, Paris
  • 2003
  • Gold Medal, "Prix du Comite d'Enseignement de Hyogo" Haradno-mori Gallery, at the Kobe Prefecture Museum, Int .Exchange Ex., Japan

  • Participating since 1992 annually, in Gallery Fair, Dresden, Germany.

    Prizes & Awards

  • Acquisition Prize -An Edition of prints by the Israel Graphotek Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1989
  • Certificate of Excellence for "Outstanding Achievement in Works on Paper" for
    work in the field of artistic printing at the int. "Artitudes" competition in N.Y. U.S.A
  • 1993
  • Acquisition Prize -An Edition of prints by the Israel Graphotek
  • 1994-5
  • Awarded 3 first diplomas in 3 international exhibitions in gallery "Art Addiction",
    Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1995
  • Acquisition Prize - Edition of prints for the Discount Album No. 10 of "Discount
    Bank in Support of Art and Culture", Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1997
  • Gold Medal and 3 diplomas for 3 International exhibitions in gallery "Art Addiction",
    Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1998
  • "Critics of Art Prize", Kobe, Japan
  • "Certificate of Merit', Museum Correr Venice, Italy
  • Gold Medal, "The Fourth International Female Artists Art". and two "Diplomas of
  • Excellence", Stockholm, Sweden
  • " Special Mention awarded by Museum's Director & Board", Yan-Huang National
    Fine Arts Museum Beijing, China
  • 1999
  • "The highest prize... Hyogo Governor Prize, Akashi Municipal Museum, "Special
    guest from Israel", French/ Japanese Cont. Art Ex. Akashi, Japan
  • "Niko Award" ("Nippon International Cooperation for Community
    Development, an association approved by the foreign Ministry of Japan, with
    Consultative Status at the United Nations"), "Kyoto 99" international exhibition,
    Kyoto fine arts Museum, Japan
  • "Mayor of Kobe Prize", "International Selected Artists", Kobe, Japan
  • 2000
  • Hyogo Prefecture Education Board Prize (second prize), International exhibition, "Flora 2000", Japan
  • 2001
  • Gold medal and Honorable Award "Nankin 2000", Int. Art Exposition, Nankin Museum of Fine Arts, China
  • "Jury Special Award" Int. Exhibition "Nihon Seiko Bijutsu Kai", Tokyo Museum, Japan
  • Award of the "Zero Kai New Art Association", by jury's decision concerning foreign artists. Given to two foreign artists, Int. Exhibition, Municipal Fine Arts Museum, Osaka, Japan
  • Diploma of Excellence, Spring ARTinternet, ex., Palazzo Correr, Venice, Italy
  • Gold medal Int. exhibition. City Museum, Kurashiki, Japan
  • "Best Artist Prize", "Seiko" Int. Ex. Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japan
  • 2002
  • Gold Medal, Int. Exhibition, Fine Arts Municipal Museum, Nagoya, Japan
  • 2003
  • Gold Medal, "Prix du Comite d'Enseignement de Hyogo" Haradno-mori Gallery, at the Kobe Prefecture Museum, Int .Exchange Ex., Japan
  • Works Are Located In

    Israel Graphotek, The Graphic Collection of "Discount Bank in Support of Art and Culture",
    Tel-Aviv, Israel, Museum - Moritzburg, Zeitz, Germany, galleries in Europe U.S.A. Japan,
    private collections and public centers in Israel, U.S.A, Europe, Japan, China, Malaysia and Korea.


    Artists Messengers of Peace in the Dr. Fischer Art for Peace Foundation
    Japanese page
    Neta's page at Art Addiction (awarded gold medal here)

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