About Us

Artists Online is a group of artists that organized to build an art web site on the internet. The common denominator of this group is the desire to display our works via this medium without a given subject or unifying curative concept. The group is characterized by tolerance and pluralism and it supports the right of self expression both in terms of style as well as technique.

The main purpose of this site is to create additional communication conduits in order to gain wider representation and publicity of our works while maintaining an ongoing and fruitful dialogue with artists in other countries preserving a high standard of quality and professionalism. It is the intention of the group to host on the site artists from around the world in order to intensify the artistic dialogue.

New trends and dilemmas demand broadening our horizons and a search of ways of expression to fit the new millennium. Integration with the internet can be productive for the artist, the art and the viewers as one. We anticipate rapid development in the information gathering habits which were once only within the reach of the elite and now becomes accessible to the masses.

The members of the group have in the past and are presently holding individual exhibitions all over the world. They continue to create independently seeking simultaneously artistic dialogue while preserving and emphasizing individuallity and pluralism.

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